Masters Degree In Marketing de la Universidad Europea

Masters Degree In Marketing

A practical master’s degree where you’ll use agile methodologies and work with the new digital marketing tools.

INICIO: Flexible


The Master's Degree in Marketing is a practical course where you'll learn to use agile methodologies and work with the new digital marketing tools. Students will gain the knowledge they need to be able to identify business opportunities, making them an efficient and profitable reality, create strong brands through effective communication campaigns, and develop strategies for differentiation, innovation, development and growth.

The master’s programme incorporates new digital content along with training in the more advanced skills that companies demand when hiring professionals and experts for their sales departments and marketing and communication areas.

*Degree approved in Spanish. Pending authorisation from the Agency for Educational Quality for its delivery in English


Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid



Module I. Strategic Marketing (6 ECTS credits)

Marketing within the organisation.
New trends, methodologies and tools.
Strategic planning.
Market segmentation.
Omnichannel strategy as a key factor in marketing (online and offline).
Automation of marketing campaigns and designing the customer journey.

Module II. Neuromarketing and consumer behaviour (6 ECTS credits)

Commercial and market research.
Fundamentals of neuromarketing.
Consumer behaviour: qualitative techniques.
Consumer behaviour: quantitative techniques.
Neurophysiological techniques for studying consumer behaviour.

Module III. Marketing Plan (6 ECTS credits)

Stages in the development of a marketing plan.
Research methodology.
Narrative structure of a marketing plan.
Persuasive new ways of presenting business models.
Academic regulations.

Module IV. Sales Management and Sales Techniques (6 ECTS credits)

Strategic selling.
Sales force planning.
Customer service.
Managing a sales team.
Negotiation and persuasion techniques.
Module V. Operational Marketing (6 ECTS credits)

Direct marketing.
Retail marketing.
Promotional marketing.
Attraction marketing.
Reputational marketing.

Module VI. Digital Marketing and E-Commerce (6 ECTS credits)

Social Media Marketing.
Web content management.
Search engine optimisation strategies.
Mobile marketing: App development.

Module VII. Integrated Communication I (6 ECTS credits)

Strategic personal brand planning.
Branding: strategic brand management.
Internal communication.
Persuasive communication.
Creative processes and naming.

Module VIII. Integrated Communication II (6 ECTS credits)

Corporate communication.
Creativity techniques.
Communication and new technologies.
Communication strategies and creative process.
Advertising communication research.
Communication strategies: YouTubers and bloggers.

Module IX. Professional Internships (6 ECTS credits)

Professional development through in-company internships

Module X. Final Master’s Project (6 ECTS credits)

This will be the team preparation of an original project that will be publicly presented before a panel of judges in order to obtain the master's degree qualification.


Did you know that according to Infoempleo and Adecco, 42.3% of job openings in Spain are in the digital sector? And that's not all. The May-August 2022 data from Fundación Telefónica's Employment Map revealed that digital marketing specialist is one of the 10 job roles with the highest number of vacancies available on Infojobs.

On completion of your master's degree, you'll be ready to respond to employer needs and take on the following positions:

Marketing Director
Brand Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Trade Marketing Specialist
Advertising Director
Sales Strategy Manager
Consultant in a business or strategy consulting firm
Account Manager/Executive in a marketing agency or consultancy
Marketing departments at public and private companies and corporations.