International Private Master Degree In Football Coaching And Management de la Universidad Europea

International Private Master Degree In Football Coaching And Management

Learn about the Spanish football methodology, the most successful in the last 20 years, and be mentored by the best Spanish coaches, managers and football professionals. Inicio. 28/10/2024

INICIO: Flexible


The Master in Football Coaching and Management is one of the most comprehensive programmes for professionals in the football industry. On this programme, students will have a 360º view of all key areas necessary to increase football players’ performances and, above all, make their projects successful.

Universidad Europea’s International Master in Football Coaching and Management is the first professional football programme that teaches the Spanish training methodology completely in English. The Spanish methodology is the most successful training methodology in the last 20 years for international football, including national teams and clubs, and is explained and taught by leading Spanish coaches and managers. This programme is aimed at professionals around the world who seek to improve and optimise their players and their football projects.

Studies are focused on two aspects: First, students explore technical variables on the football field, from training methodology and leadership, to match analysis and health. Second, students learn to organise and manage a football project, from talent development to media relations and club branding.


Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid


Module I. Modern Training Methodology
Module II. Technical Staff: Sciences Areas
Module III. Technical Staff: New Technologies
Module IV. Academy Programs: Talent Development
Module V. The Professional Football Club
Module VI. The Club Management
Module VII. Creating a New Project: The Football Academy
Module VIII. Products and Business Opportunities
Module IX. Sports law
Module X. Final Project


If you're looking at getting into football management after the Master in Football Coaching and Management, these are some of the opportunities you will have available to you:

Football technical staff: Head coach, second coach and assistant coaches or scout and match analysis.
Football club: Sports manager, football manager, technical advisor or methodology chief.
Football institutions, federations or national teams: Technical director, sports manager, stage coordinator, national coach or assistant.
Private projects—academies, high performance centre: Head coach or assistants, general manager, methodology chief or CEO advisor.